Addressing Tough Interview Questions

Preparation is a key step for a successful interview. So you’ve printed out your resume, you’ve researched the company and your interviewer, and your suit is ironed and waiting in the closet. You’ve gone through a list of potential interview questions and practiced your responses. But are you really ready to answer some of those tough questions you know will be asked? 

Here’s a collection of great links from other job search experts with strategies and responses for answering some of questions that can trip you up:

Tell Me About Yourself - ResumeBear

What is Your Greatest Weakness? - CareerRealism

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? – Career Sherpa

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? – Career Rocketeer

Why Should I Hire You? - CareerHub

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One Response to Addressing Tough Interview Questions

  1. Thanks so much for referencing my post! This is a super list of resources to help with tough interview questions!

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