I Landed a Job and You Can Too!

Awhile ago we asked our past customers who have landed jobs what advice they would give other job seekers to help with their job hunt. Here’s what they told us:

  • Don’t just reply to ads posted in print or on the Web. Online applications are worth “one grain of sand on a 5-mile beach.” Before you spend a lot of time applying to job postings remember, that’s exactly what most of your competition is doing. Diversify your job search strategy and get involved in networking groups.
  • Find a “sponsor.” Have a personal recommendation from a current employee at a company when submitting a resume or application for a posted position.
  • Take the time to inventory your skills and abilities to determine the kind of job YOU want and then target your job search accordingly. Do a personal skills inventory as described in “What Color is your Parachute” by Richard Bolles or take the O*Net Interest Profiler. Spend quality time writing and practicing your 30-second introduction, 60-second infomercial and SCAR/STAR stories (S ituation-C hallenge-A ction-R esult).
  • Be open and willing to change strategies. If you continue to do the same thing you will get the same results.
  • Discipline, discipline, and more discipline. Work at job search full-time but it is also about quality, not just quantity. Use your time effectively.
  • Stay focused by creating a job search plan. Do a marketing plan focusing on target companies.
  • Take time out and enjoy hobbies. Do something that you enjoy to relax and de-stress your mind.
  • Learn to compromise and be open to all options. Come to terms with the reality of one’s situation and move forward. Identify an acceptable survival job.
  • Don’t read negative press about the state of the local economy.
  • Follow-up on all leads and applications submitted. Call regularly but don’t become a pest. By following up you demonstrate attributes that employers are looking for. “You stand out and you also learn where you stand.”
  • Stay energized by attending job clubs and networking groups like the RochesterWorks Job Network.