Job Search Resources Everyone Should Know About

Job Search Resources Everyone Should Know AboutShelly
5 Steps Graduate

Timing is everything—especially when you’re looking for work. If you’ve lost your job you know all too well of the panic that sets in as you begin your job search. You need a job! In fact, you needed it yesterday.

After twenty-five years with her previous employer, Shelly realized that she had a lot to re-learn about the job search process. RochesterWorks became her resource center for the latest tips, tools, and strategies—something she says was crucial to her being able to land as the Senior Director of Human Resources & Talent Management at Jordan Health.

Shelly learned that timing is everything in a job search. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying your newfound “free time” or making the most of every minute to look for work, if you don’t manage time it will manage you.

Keep reading to learn from Shelly’s job search and find out why she says you need to make RochesterWorks! the first stop on your job search journey.

Shelly’s Interview

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in being unemployed?

I had been with my previous employer for almost 25 years which proved to be a job search enabler in terms of the level of progressive work experience I could offer a new employer, but a barrier in terms of being up to date on how to navigate the new world of job seeking.
Although I knew in my head that I would experience a grief cycle as a result of job loss, I did not allow myself time to process these emotions. I felt the pressure to jump in and start my job search and simultaneously get smart on the latest job search trends and tools.

Q: What job search methods did you use?


Q: What tips do you have for job seekers to help increase their success and shorten their length of unemployment?

  1. IMMEDIATELY connect personally with RochesterWorks!
  2. Take full advantage of the excellent resources provided by the knowledgeable and compassionate team at RochesterWorks!
  3. Learn how to conduct an effective job campaign and thrive in the new workplace through the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment course.
  4. Embrace the art of connecting with people (aka “networking” ).


Q: How did RochesterWorks! help you in finding your new position?
RochesterWorks! guided me through the important “front-end personal work” that MUST be addressed before developing a job campaign strategy and action plan. They provided me with the tools to plan and conduct an effective job campaign and offered programs that encouraged resource sharing among job seekers (Job Strategy Group). One of these tools included “contacts” within my target organizations to learn more about them before applying or taking my first interview.

Q: If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently in your job search?
I didn’t take the 5 Steps course until I had been out for work for 3 months. In hindsight, I would have taken it within the first month of unemployment.

Q: What led to your success?
I give glory to God for my success in finding re-employment. Nothing in this process was coincidental. I was led to the right people and the right resources at the right time. The end result is an employer who sees value in my skills and past experiences and we share the high potential for mutual success.

Q: Do you have any other words of advice for job seekers?
Literally “plan your work and work your plan” and make adjustments on the way if needed. It helped me to know that my calendar had meaningful goal-related activities each day.

During the nine months I was unemployed there were moments where I felt like the campaign process would never end. I learned that at those moments it was OK to take a breather and take some “self-care” time to re-charge. After all, job seeking is indeed a full-time job and full-time jobs require periods of rest to recharge physically and emotionally.


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