Overcoming Challenges–It’s All in Your Head

Overcoming a challenge requires hard work—hard work that starts in your head.

What you think about the challenge you are facing defines your plan of action and influences the outcome. You may be facing a career change because your job no longer exists or maybe you have to get a degree today that was not required 10 years ago. Whatever it is you have to stay positive and recognize every situation as an opportunity to move forward.

Don’t believe me? We asked Bill, Jacquelyn, and Gerry how they overcame the challenges in their job search—here is what they had to say:

Application Support Administrator, 5 Steps Graduate, Workshop Participant
Biggest Challenge: “There were lots of good people looking for work. Supply exceeded demand in the market for my job.”
Advice: “Keep positive, keep working at it, and use multiple approaches. You never know which one will work. The time to build networking relationships is now. They can be very useful in search, but are most effective when not superficial. If you try to build them when your search starts, you will increase the time to reap the benefit.”

Project Manager, Workshop Participant
Biggest Challenge: “My mindset! At the onset of my job search I felt inferior, incapable, discarded. I decided that this was NOT the case, and that instead I was unprepared. This led me to search for and find resources that I needed for a new position.”
Advice: “Be open to new ideas because the world where you will be working is constantly changing. Keep a positive attitude as you are your best ally. Work at it even if you are uncomfortable… you will become comfortable in time. Find out how to network and just start practicing. Do what you’re taught in the workshops don’t just learn about it. Help others around you through encouragement and sharing what you know…it takes the focus off of yourself.”

Analyst, 5 Steps Graduate, Workshop Participant
Biggest Challenge: “I had been employed for almost 36 years so the mental aspect of being unemployed and learning what to do next were my challenges.”
Advice for Job Seekers: “Take advantage of the support that exists in the Rochester area for people in your position (Not only at RochesterWorks! but The August Group and all the other networking groups in our area). Stay positive and believe in yourself!”

Regardless of the challenge that you are facing take the advice of Bill, Jacquelyn, and Gerry and stay positive! Choose to believe that you have value then communicate that value to others.

Each one of our success stories can tell you that it won’t be easy. When you get discouraged find a support group to encourage you throughout the process whether it’s your family, friends, a local networking group, or staff members at RochesterWorks! You don’t have to go through your job search alone. There are people and resources available to help you. All you have to do is ask.

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