Top Tips from the CORE Employment Store Presentation

By Daniel Donnarumma, RochesterWorks! Career Services Advisor


On October 21, 2015, RochesterWorks! invited Karyn Tellez, Director of Services at CORE Employment Store, to present to job seekers as our October Business of the Month. Karyn discussed a variety of topics including CORE Employment Store, job search tips, and how to create an effective profile on Career Builder.

For those of you who could not attend keep reading to get the inside scoop on the world of recruiting and get tips that can help your job search.

CORE Employment Store recruits heavily for education and healthcare positions. Some of their biggest clients include the University of Rochester, Rochester City School District, Monroe #1 BOCES, and several law offices throughout Monroe County. They recruit for positions including General Office, IT, Medical Office Administrative, Inside and Business-to-Business Sales, and Call Center Representatives.

In her presentation Karyn stated that, “roughly 80% of positions CORE has will be posted online.” In addition, there are positions that don’t get advertised online because a recruiter may have a specific individual that they’ve been working with in mind. Additionally, 89% of individuals who are placed by CORE will eventually find themselves within a permanent role. If there doesn’t seem to be a position of interest for an applicant posted on, Karyn recommended that individuals shouldn’t hesitate to email the agency and introduce themselves.

The recommended method for applying with CORE is to apply online through This makes it easier for recruiters to find you. When you apply for a specific position, your information will be directed to a specific recruiter who is assigned to recruit for those types of positions.

How Recruiters Use Career Builder to Search for Candidates

When recruiting for a position, CORE starts with people they’ve met. If no candidates are found from the pool of individuals who have applied with them CORE will go to Career Builder to search for applicants.

Career Builder is owned by Gannett—the company who owns the Democrat and Chronicle. Though it is costly for agencies to post positions and search for candidates on Career Builder the fact that Gannett owns the company convinces many local businesses to utilize the website to post positions.

When beginning to search Career Builder for candidates, a recruiter will begin with a keyword search.
For example, Karyn searched for “Administrative” and found nearly 2,000 applicants. The next step is to weed out candidates and get that number from 2,000 to 100 (which would be much more manageable). This can be accomplished using additional keywords or the applicant’s wage and salary expectations. From there Karyn would also filter out individuals who have not updated their profile in 3 months.

Karyn emphasized the importance of not only creating a profile on Career Builder, but also stating what that your wage and salary expectations are. Creating a profile enables recruiters to search for you. They cannot search for people who only post a resume to Karyn also suggested that individuals update their profiles on a weekly basis. For example you could add your middle initial one week and remove it the following week.

Resume Tips

Karyn suggested that you create multiple resumes for the different types of roles that you are seeking. Typos are a big “no-no” so make sure to always proof-read your resume and have others proof-read it as well. She also suggested not exceeding 10-12 years on your resume unless you have been at one job for a period of time longer than that.

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is a great resource to utilize during your job search. While it is an excellent platform for you to digitally network, Karyn also stressed the importance of personally networking with individuals and attending networking group events. Additionally, it is best to have a professionally appropriate photo for your LinkedIn profile.

Top Tips for Using Staffing Agencies

  • Have an appropriate voicemail, and no ring back tones.
  • Have an appropriate email address.
  • It is okay to follow-up with a recruiter, but be respectful of their time.
  • Always ask, whether you have interviewed with a recruiter or a business, when would be an appropriate time frame to follow-up
  • Don’t be turned off by contract positions, as many positions may potentially lead to permanent placements.
  • Always send thank you letters. Emails are absolutely fine, but Karyn always sends a hand written thank you card after interviewing.

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