6 Keys for a Successful Job Search

If you’ve been laid off, want to switch careers, or are running into dead ends finding a better job, consider the following six steps. Successful job searches involve these key strategies.


  1. Assess your current skills.
    Determine which of your skills can be transferred to a field that is growing. Even if you acquired your skills in a field that is no longer growing, you have transferable skills.
  2. Develop a positive attitude.
    That may seem difficult to do right now, but realize that people are getting hired every day. Job seekers with positive attitudes have distinct advantages over those who don’t when it comes to networking and interviewing.
  3. Take time to identify your personal strengths.
    Remember that your job search can be an opportunity to do what you “like” or “want” to do.
  4. Research new areas.
    If there is an occupation, career or job that you’ve always thought you might like, research it. Think about volunteering to spend some time in that environment. Find out if there are training dollars available to help you find employment in the field.
  5. Update your resume and interviewing skills.
    See Writing Your Resume and time schedules for Workshops designed specifically for job seekers.
  6. Learn to network.
    Create a concise 60-second statement about yourself. Consider it your personal commercial and practice it. For more information on where you can “network” and share your own value and qualifications, see Networking.



For personal assistance with your job search call or visit a RochesterWorks! Career Center.