The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Job Search

Do . . .

  • Dress professionally
  • Be prepared at all times for an interview (in person, on the spot, or on the phone)
  • Follow-up when you say you will
  • Be persistent
  • Expect the process to take some time
  • Use manners
  • Arrive early (10 minutes) for appointments and interviews
  • Ask people you know if they know who’s hiring
  • Smile ~ look excited about the position and opportunity

Don’t . . .

  • Be too casual (in dress or language)
  • Talk negatively about people, past employers, the competition or situations
  • Expect to find a job in a week or two
  • Bring friends/family with you to pick up applications or to an interview
  • Use slang
  • Have a friend or family member ask the questions for you
  • Be irresponsible
  • Take Rejection personally
  • Get frustrated (especially during the interview)


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